New newsletter templates for Easter

Are you planning to send an Easter newsletter to your clients or collaborators?
NewsMan comes to your aid and launches today 3 new newsletter templates with paschal theme.

Obviously, they all have responsive design and look good on all devices.

preview-nl3 preview-nl2-165x300preview-nl1

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Key elements of the GDPR and its applicability in Email Marketing

GDPR Email Marketing NewsMan

GDPR Email Marketing NewsMan

On the 25th of May 2018 will come into force a new European regulatory act, called the “General Data Protection Regulation” (abbreviated GDPR). This is new EU regulation on the protection of personal data and is applicable to any entity that collects and processes personal data of EU residents.

GDPR supports the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal dataand their free movement between EU Member States, everything in a context of a high level of confidentiality and increased security. Personal data refers to any information that can be used alone or together with other data to identify an individual. According to the European Commission, an individual’s personal data refers to any information in his or her private, public or personal life (e.g.: photos, web posts, IP address, social media posts, bank details, medical information, etc.)

In the era of digitization, almost every company collects and processes customer data for the purpose of improving its services and optimizing its marketing campaigns. Therefore, as a provider of email marketing, NewsMan recommends you to align with the GDPR requirements to create a trustworthy climate for your customers and protect your business, thus avoiding unnecessary huge fines.

GDPR is not subject to statistics, studies or marketing research that are about  providing anonymous information, without any reference to the individual’s data and nothing that leads to his/her identification.

Giving explicit and comprehensible consent is one of the key elements of the GDPR. The only exception when lack of consent is accepted, is when the data processing is performed for an anti-fraud action.

NewsMan advises you to send newsletter to your customers effectively and increase their loyalty by taking advantage of the new EU regulation in order to strengthen the relationship with them by showing them they have control over:

  • newsletter subscription (giving specific and circumspect consent several times if different situations are required);
  • personal data they provide to you (the right to opt for the rectification or non-processing of the data and the right to be forgotten);
  • frequency of receiving the newsletter;
  • content type of newsletter (selecting preferred key topics);
  • option to renew the newsletter subscription’
  • option to unsubscribe to the newsletter

Another important aspect promoted by GDPR is the obligation to designate a Data Protection Officer for processing information that involves the monitoring of a large number of individuals or the processing of sensitive data.

Data operators are required to keep a log of incidents in which data safety and integrity could have been compromised. There are also some situations where they have an obligation to report incidents to authorities and consumers within 72 hours.

In principle, it is forbidden to process data that reveals genetic or biometric information or about health, sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, political opinion, religion, or philosophical beliefs. GDPR lists a number of exceptional cases where this is possible, with certain precautions to consider.

NewsMan recommends you to create your own internal policy for processing customers’ personal data that complies with the GDPR guidelines, and then inform them accordingly about these updates.

To find out more information about GDPR, please check:

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The move of the beginning of the year in email marketing: AnyMedia and Newsman reach an agreement for taking over the Dudaverde platform

Bucharest, February 18, 2016 –AnyMedia and Newsman sign an agreement whereby the last one takes over the email marketing service Dudaverde, strengthening its presence on the SMS service. Newsman, one of the biggest players in the local email marketing area, expands the operations by taking over the platform from AnyMedia. Dudaverde comes with an important asset for the Newsman customer base, but also with expertise that in the following months, will be harnessed by developing the strategy.

Dudaverde will be transformed into a 100% automatic platform for smaller customers with fluctuating volume of emails, thus ensuring efficiency in their work flow. Also AnyMedia, the former owner of the platform, becomes the main provider of SMS for Newsman.

Through sendSMS platform, the company will offer its customers high quality SMS services, and thus they will achieve the best transmission of their message to the target audience.

Newsman decision is supported by a very good course in the market, predicting a doubling of the turnover in 2016. The market in which the business operates, has a capital estimated between five and ten million euros. The company’s growth is also based on the very fast development of online commerce in Romania. Together with this, more and more offline stores are moving to online, seeking to adapt better to the information distribution channels in this environment.
Over the years Newsman operated on the local market, the company ensured a substantial portfolio of customers, including Cefin Trucks, the private health chain “Regina Maria”, Fan Courier, F64, “Adevarul Holding” press group, or the pharmacies chain Catena. Most customers have a top five objectives: ROI (return of investment), sales for their products, automation, speed in creating the newsletter, but most often they request experience and experts in this field.

Media Coverage:


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Interconnection at the next level: Newsman and 300+ others

By integrating with Zapier, the Newsman account can be connected with over 300 services, including major names such as: SumoMeSaleForceBigcommerce, Magento and Shopify.
This will allow you to pass data from, and to other web services in an automated way, without having any programming knowledge

What is Zapier?

Zapier allows you to automatize tasks between different online apps.

In a simple way, you can select the event to a web app that will generate an action to share with the subscribers list in your Newsman account.

The integration uses the Newsman API and OAuth v2 feature.

How it works?

As it was mentioned above, you do not need programming knowledge to use the Zapier – Newsman integration. From your Zapier account, follow these steps:

1. Add the NewsmanApp in your Zapier account
2. Click on the button in the upper right of the page “Make a Zap!”;
3. After opening the new page, the first step is to select the app that will generate the event;
4. Approve the access to the chosen account;
5. The second step is to choose the desired action. To do this, select the Newsman app;
6. Choose “Add / Update Subscriber” and save;
7. Select your Newsman account;
8. The next and final step is to choose the settings for the selected Newsman account.
9. In the upper right you can see the shaped checkmark button “Your Zap is – On / Off. To activate the app permanently, select “Your Zap is – On.”

We are looking with great interest to find out your feedback about the Zapier – Newsman integration.

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NewsMan + WordPress = Love

We have received quite enough requests for a simpler integration with the blog owners on platform, so we have created a small plugin that allows you to:

  • put a newsletter subscription form (a widget) on your blog;
  • synchronize your subscribers via API;
  • send fast newsletters from blog posts.

It is an open source plugin and you can find it on our Github account or directly in the WordPress list of plugins.
Hint : search for newsmanapp.


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